Dr Oz: White Mulberries Superfood for Cholesterol and Sugar Balance

organic mulberries

A Real Superfood

Dr Oz recommended White Mulberries as a Superfood that helps balance sugar levels and reduce cholesterol.   It can play an important role in preventing diabetes and heart disease.

It is delicious and inexpensive.

Dr Oz went on to say even helps block the absorption of sugar into your body. The compound DNJ seems to be the key factor that you get by consuming white mulberries actually does seem to inhibit the amount of sugar that gets into your blood stream.

It is a super food  that everyone should try as it provides protein, fiber, antioxidants, minerals, Vitamins and many other components that enrich your body.

Organic Mulberries

You can even get it coated with dark chocolate to add antioxidants and great taste.


Or have it as a tea: